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  • On-Site Training   ( 15 Articles )

    DeSimone Quality International offers on-site training to meet your company’s specific requirements.  Investing in training demonstrates to both employees and customers that your company is committed to continuous improvement.  Our instructors skillfully combine the subject matter with visual aids, written material and hand-on practical exercises, to insure we cover every student’s learning style. We use examples from your industry and product line, to make the material as realistic as possible. We create a supportive environment where students actively participate in their education.  Learning by doing works!

    Combination classes and other topics are available. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your ideas and needs. View Courses

  • ASQ Training   ( 7 Articles )

    ASQ Certification Review Courses

    The American Society for Quality has been the world's leading authority on quality for more than 60 years. During the last 40 years the American Society for Quality (ASQ) has certified more than 160,000 individuals in their profession or field of expertise.  An ASQ certification is formal recognition that a quality professional has demonstrated an understanding of quality techniques and practices, applicable to their job and career.

    Passing an ASQ certification exam is a MAJOR accomplishment.  You must have the necessary education and career experience required to register for the applicable ASQ Certification Exam.  Then you need to fully understand the material and be a good test taker. Many register for the exam, invest a great deal of time reading and reviewing and then fail the exam.  

    DeSimone Quality International has prepared thousands of individuals for ASQ Certification Exams.  We do not waste your time on fluff; we focus class time and your reading assignments on what is essential to pass the exam.  Our courses are both informative and entertaining. We are dedicated to your success and we are very proud of our 85% pass rate.  View Courses

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