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5 S (16 Hours)

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(16 Hours: 8 hours Classroom / 8 hours Shop Floor Project Implementation )
5S implementation is the first step towards all Continuous Improvement activities.  The benefits of effectively implementing 5S are many fold for the manufacturing environment as well as the office environment.  This course is designed to enable key associates at all levels to effectively implement and sustain 5S in their company.
This program is designed to provide candidates with both a technical and practical foundation for implementing 5S.
I.    Overview of the 5S’s
      a.    The benefits and operational impact of implementing 5S
      b.    The 5S challenge
      c.    Boeing 5S Video:  Office and Shop 5S
      d.    Breaking old paradigms  

II.  Teamwork Approach
      a.    Teaming Fundamentals   
      b.    Stages of Team development
      c.    Teamwork, Consensus and Communication
      d.    Developing a Teamwork culture
      e.    5S Team Project approach

III.  The 5S’s
      a.   Sort:  Clearing the Work Area
            i.    How to organize the work area for efficiency & effectiveness and use the Red Tag procedure /
                 5S Day and the “48 Hour Rule”.  The 5S auction approach is also covered
            ii.  Before pictures are taken
      b.    Set in Order : Designated Locations
            i.    How to designate “a place for everything & ensure everything is in its place”
            ii.    Lean concepts:  Value Stream mapping and celluarization.
            iii.   Considerations for establishing locations for storing items: storage rational, storage options, location tips,
                  storage do’s and don’ts, using stripes, lanes, signs, and labels. Documenting the plan.
      c.   Shine: Cleanliness & Workplace Appearance
            i.    The three aspects of Shine: Workplace is clean, maintaining its appearance,
                  and using preventive measures to keep it cleaned ) are explored.
      d.   Standardize:  Everyone doing things the same way
            i.    The three aspects of Shine
            ii.    Standardized areas and approaches
            iii.    Standardized colors, pictures, 5S Dashboards
      e.   Sustain:  Ingrain it in the Culture
            i.    Sustain is perhaps the toughest of the 5S’s
            ii.    Techniques to prevent backsliding are presented
            iii.    Establishing 5S audits

IV.   The 5S Challenge
      a.  5S case studies
      b. Tour of a company doing 5S successfully
      c.  5S Success Stories
      d.  Before and after studies and pictures from different industries

V.   5S  Implementation
      a.    An Organization-Wide 5S Effort
      b.    How to plan and implement the 5S initiative
      c.    8 – Point Roadmap for 5S Implementation
            1.    Leadership Team;
            2.    Infrastructure;
            3.    Communications;
            4.    Training;
            5.    5S Pilots;
            6.    Best Practices;
            7.    Full Roll-out Plan;
            8.    Evaluate & Adjust

- To create an understanding Lean / 5S implementation
- To introduce and apply key Lean tools
- To learn the 5S project roadmap
- To apply these tools to in-class simulations as well as in the workplace
- To understand how to get started on your Lean / 5S Project

Training Style:
Tutoring+ tools & methods utilization & practice = Implementation
All levels of the organization

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