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Advanced Product Quality Planning (40 Hours)

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This workshop will enable QE’s, ME’s and Managers to implement Advanced Product Quality Planning, as guidelines designed to produce a plan that supports the development of a product or service that will satisfy the customer. This plan provides specialized tools to offer the opportunity to prevent problems and solve them before the problems affect the customer.   Additionally, Design for Six Sigma Tools are introduced in this workshop.
All software tools including spreadsheets and dashboards are included in this turnkey course.

Phase 1. Plan and Define the Program  ( Day 1 )

  A.   Cross-functional teams formed..
  B.   Define scope: define customer requirements (VOC and QFD are utilized here)
        applicable). Formal feasibility assessments.

Key deliverables for this phase:

  •   Identify design intent: life and Quality / Reliability goals
  •   Initial process flow chart
  •   Initial critical product and process characteristics
  •   Initial product assurance plan and signed-off management support statement

Phase 2. Product / Service Design and Development ( Day 2 )

  A.   This is a thorough and robust review of engineering or service requirements along with
        all related critical technical or system information.

Key deliverables for this phase:

  •   Design/service Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  •   Design for successful execution of the manufacturing, assembly of service path
  •   Design/service validation / Risk Analysis
  •   Design/service
  •   Preliminary control plans for early prototype/service trail phase
  •   Design For Six Sigma Principles
  •   DMADV Roadmap  ( Define – Measure – Analyze – Design – Verify )

Phase 3. Process / Service Design and Development ( Day 3 )

  A.   This phase is designed to develop a robust, high-quality manufacturing or service
        system. This phase must ensure the key and important customer needs, requirements
        and expectations (VOC ) are 100% satisfied.

Key deliverables for this phase:

  •   Process Failure Mode Effect Analyses (PFMEA)
  •   Product/process quality system review
  •   Process/service Map
  •   Beta control plan prior to first run
  •   Packaging and delivery standards
  •   Process/service instructions

Schedule Break  ( Action items )

Phase 4. Product / Process and Service System Validation ( Day 4 )

  A.   This phase is a full evaluation and confirmation of the manufacturing/service process,
        which includes trial runs with the Quality Planning Team evaluating control plans,
        flow charts and checking that customer requirements are met throughout the system.
        This phase resolves problems prior to the first official production runs.

Key deliverables for this phase:

  •   Trial runs
  •   Initial capability analyses
  •   Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) and validation
  •   Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
  •   Production control plan
  •   Packaging validation: quality planning sign-off and management presentation

Phase 5. Feedback, Assessment and Improvement Action ( Day 5 )

  A.   The total quality planning system outputs and effects are reviewed for effectiveness and
        improvement. All customer requirements are reviewed and measured to confirm they
        are met (or exceeded) and documented.

Key deliverables for this phase:

  •   Reduce unwanted variation
  •   Confirm VOC has been met
  •   Delivery and service requirements have been met
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