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Corrective & Preventive Action (24 Hours)

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Provide a training program to permit all employees and / or key operating level employees to understand and apply CA/PA techniques and principles in the workplace.  These key operating level employees may include marketing, engineering, quality, purchasing and manufacturing.  DQI will tailor the program to use company - specific examples to provide more relevance.  The program is presented in a Just-In-Time manner to motivate participants to immediately apply the CA / PA techniques as a key element of the Continuous Quality Improvement process.

As a result of taking this course, participants will learn how to determine the problem’s root cause, figure out why it occurs, fix the problem, and prove the effects of their actions.

I.    Getting Started
We’ll start by explaining what systematic problem solving is, how it differs from standard troubleshooting, and why you should care.

II.    Defining Problems.
Before we can solve a problem, we need to be sure we understand and agree on exactly what that problem is. This section of the workshop will provide a template and rules for defining problems. We’ll emphasize choosing measurements to verify a problem is solved and identifying risks and vulnerabilities that could cause a problem solving effort to fail. You will practice creating a problem statement using the worksheet template for your own problem.

III.    Organizing a Problem Solving Project.
Solving messy problems requires commitment, assigned tasks, and resources. We will cover the basics to be sure you can drive your problem solving effort to completion.

IV.    Analyzing Causes.
Root cause analysis is a structured method for learning the most basic cause of a problem.  We go past the symptoms, so you can prevent recurrence. You will learn how to apply two different root cause analysis methods to the kinds of problems that occur in your environment.   

V.    Driving Solutions.
Simply knowing what caused the problem isn’t enough. The next step is to decide how to eliminate the cause, and take action. You will learn to develop effective action plans—and measure the results. You will leave the workshop with an action plan for the next steps on your own problem.

Course Agenda:

I.  The CA / PA Process
    A.  What is CA / PA and Root Cause Analysis?
    B.  Corrective Action Triggers
        -    Audits
        -    Design errors or omissions
        -    Team Member feedback
        -    Preventive Action feedback
        -    Management Review
        -    Customer Complaints
    C.  Assessing the magnitude of problems and root causes
    D.  Steps in the RCCA process
    E.  Team Approach to RCCA

II.  The RCCA Tools
    A.   Why – Why Diagrams
    B.    Cause and Effect Diagram
    C.    Other RCCA tools / 8D Process
III.  CAPA as related to:
    -    Quality Management Review
    -    Project Teams
    -    Quality Plans
    -    Internal Audits
    -    Lessons Learned
    -    ISO9000 Continuous Improvement
    -    Customer Satisfaction

IV.  Developing a Root Cause Analysis
    A.  Event (problem)
    B.  Direct Causes of the Event
    C.  Contributing Causes  
    D.  Root Cause


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