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Developing Teams for High Performance (24 Hours)

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At the core of every successful project, initiative, or problem solving endeavor is a high performance Work team. Successful HP Teams don’t just happen, they are the result of careful planning, training and facilitating. Understanding what makes teams “tick” and how to develop these HP teams is a key attribute of a leader, mentor and team empowerer.  This course focuses on the fundamentals of Teambuilding for High Performance work teams.  Much of this course is based on The Team Handbook by Joiner and Associates.
Course Outline
I.      Teamwork Approach
        a.    Teaming Fundamentals to meet today’s challenges
        b.    Why we need Teams
        c.    What Teams need    
        d.    Stages of Team development
        e.    Team work and Quality:  Dr. Deming’s Secret weapon
        f.    Developing a Teamwork culture
        g.    The Team Development Model – Joiner and Associates
II.    Organizational Change
        a.    Laws of OC
        b.    Breaking down barriers to change
        c.    Becoming a Change Agent / Changing the old culture
III.    Meeting Skills
        a.    Meeting skills checklist
        b.    Conducting effective meetings / Meeting tools: Parking lot, timing, etc..
        c.    Disruptive behaviors / Disruptive Behavior Intervention Model
        d.    Team Roles and Responsibilities
        e.    Patterns of Interaction
        f.    Conflict Management Styles: Thomas – Kilman Model
        g.    Reaching Consensus
        h.    Consensus reaching Exercise “ Grand Canyon Escape “
IV.    Using the Team Tools to Solve Problems
        a.    Team Charter
        b.    The value of using data – stay away from “Ready-fire-aim”
        c.    Brainstorming and Multi-Voting
        d.    Problem Solving Tools:  Fishbones, Paretos, Charts, Concentration Diagrams,
               Affinity diagrams, Interrelationship Digraphs, etc..
        e.    Making data based decisions
        f.    7 step problem resolution model
V.    Doing Work In Teams
        a.    Team Meeting skills
        b.    Agendas, roles and responsibilities
        c.    Effective discussion and communication skills
        d.    Active listening, Active listening simulations
        e.    Managing participation and testing for consensus
        f.    Story boards
        g.    Team decision making tools
        h.    Developing Ground rules and striving to reach consensus
        i.    Mock meetings:  Role plays
VI.    Problem Solving
        a.    Improvement plans
        b.    Root causes analysis
        c.    Seven Key Ingredients for successful improvements
        d.    How to get help from the Sponsors, Stakeholders
        e.    Stakeholder Analysis
        f.    Project reporting and gaining support as a team
        g.    The Roller Coaster of Highs and Lows
VII.    Learning to Work Together
        a.    Detailed Stages of Team Development
        b.    Recognizing common team problems such as
               Floundering, Groupthink, False starts, etc…
        c.    Guidelines for Constructive feedback
        d.    How to give and take feedback
        e.    Scientific Approach
VIII.    Dealing with Conflict
        a.    Conflict resolution / Intervention tactics
        b.    Ten common team problems
        c.    Facilitator’s role: Keep the team focused and on-track
IX.    Principle of Team Facilitation and Leadership
        a.    Find your leadership style
        b.    Motivational Techniques
        c.    Dealing with change
        d.    Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs
        e.    Working with / through others
        f.    Negotiation techniques to develop win-win agreements
X.    Teams
        a.    Types of Teams
        b.    Problem solving, Audit Teams, CI Teams, Negotiation,
               Six Sigma, Cross Functional, Integrated Product
               Development, Jury’s, Sports, etc..

- To Plan, conduct and evaluate effective team meetings
- Recognize different types of team behavior and know when and how to intervene
- Learn to identify the stages of team development and know when and how to intervene
- Facilitate team decision making
- Identify and resolve/dissolve team conflict
- Motivate and Develop High Performance work teams

- Improve your own leadership skills
- Increase the awareness and structure of your team
- New communication methods
- Increased overall effectiveness of your team
- New ways of identifying people's needs and how they are motivated
- Recognizing and rewarding positive behavior

Training Style:
Tutoring+ tools & methods utilization & practice = Successful Implementation
Participants:  All levels of the organization

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