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Industrial Blue Print Reading (8 Hours)

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Industrial blueprint reading is customized for your employees with instruction taking place at your facility. Individuals participating in the class will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of blueprint reading. Emphasis will be placed on orthographic projection and visual perception of drawings used in industry. Areas of instruction will include dimensioning, tolerancing, sectioning and the understanding of auxiliary views. A review of math, sketching and metrology will also be included. Course length and topics covered depend on student knowledge and company needs.

Course Outline – 8 Hours

Measuring and Measurement
•    Rules and Scales
•    Micrometer
•    Vernier Scales
•    Fractions and Decimals

Interpreting the Industrial Print
•    Alphabet of Lines
•    The Title Block
•    Notes
•    Change Block
•    Company Standards

Understanding Orthographic Projection
Projecting Views

•    Perpendicular Surfaces
•    Curved Surfaces
•    Inclined Surfaces

•    Standard Dimensions
•    Coordinate Dimensions
•    Datum Dimensions

Dimensional Tolerances
General Tolerance System
Written Tolerances

•    Allowance
•    Limits
•    Geometric Tolerances

Other Views

•    Full
•    Offset
Broken Out

Pictorial Drawings
•    Isometric
•    Oblique

Assembly Drawings
•    General Assembly
•    Subassembly
•    Weldments

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