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Internal Auditing AS 9100 (24 Hours)

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This 24 - hour course provides attendees with the auditing skills and knowledge needed to perform internal / supplier assessments against the requirements of the AS9100 Quality System standards. The course includes interpretation of the AS standard, auditor qualifications, audit planning, proper auditing techniques and effective reporting of audit results. Practical exercises in applying auditing techniques are used to develop and hone auditing skills, so internal / External audit results will add value to your organization.  The current AS9100 Rev C will be covered along with the Rev C changes and improvements which are in the finalization process.  Auditing principles are based on ISO-19011.  An actual Internal audit is performed as part of the clients certification requirements.
Who Should Attend

Directors/Managers, Supervisors, audit teams, quality professionals, anyone responsible for managing or conducting internal / supplier audits to the ISO standard, overseeing implementation, system maintenance, and/or continuous improvement of the AS9100 quality management system.

Topics Covered:

I.    Meeting the Requirements of an AS9100 Quality System
II.    Understanding Basic Auditing Principles ( ISO-19011)
       -    Purpose of Audits
       -    Auditing to the AS9100 Standard
III.    Ground Rules for Auditors
       -    Understanding the Intent of the Quality System
       -    Understanding the Audit Process /  Phases of the Audit
IV.    Planning Ahead for an Effective Audit
       -    How to Plan the Audit using Audit Plans / Working Papers
       -    How to Plan the Three Types of Audits: System, Process, and Product
V.    Seeking Objective/Audit Evidence Through Documentation
       -    Ways of obtaining Objective Evidence
       -    Specific Objective Evidence needed for each element of AS9100
VI.    Performing an Audit  ( Supplier / Internal )
       -    Audit Interview Process
       -    Questioning, Debriefing, and Collaborating
VII.    Reporting Audit Results and Closing Out Corrective Actions
       -    Audit Report Formats
       -    Follow Up and Close out of Corrective Actions
       -    Closing the Audit
VIII.    How to audit suppliers
IX.    Essentials of Supplier Certification / Effective auditing of suppliers

Course Activities:

-    Audit Role Playing
-    Audit Interviewing
-    Examining Actual Audit Findings
-    Audit Team Work activities
-    Planning / conducting internal audit
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