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PFMEA - Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (8 Hours)

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8 Hour Class

Process FMEA is a process design verification activity that can help avoid a minimum of 80% of process design problems before the process design is finalized. People from quality, manufacturing, engineering, purchasing or marketing will benefit from this seminar.

Introduction to PFMEA
•    The PFMEA process within an AQP system
•    PFMEA and Continuous Improvement strategies
•    System, Design and Process FMEA
•    Quality function deployment and Process FMEA
•    The benefits of Process FMEA

The PFMEA Process
•    PFMEA: a team effort
•    Information sources for use with a Process FMEA
•    Process mapping using a flow diagram
•    Failure mode brainstorming and evaluation
•    Cause and effect diagrams to analyze failure modes
•    Identification of current controls
•    Estimating the:
•    Severity of the potential effects
•    Occurrence rate of cause/failure mode mechanism
•    Capability of manufacturing process controls (to detect the failure mode)
•    Documenting the FMEA

Using FMEA to Improve the Process
•    Prioritizing failure modes
•    Developing recommended actions
•    Using Process FMEA to drive product design changes, manufacturing process changes and control plans
•    The Process FMEA as a living document

Writing Control Plans from FMEAs
•    Relationships between causes of process failure modes, process parameters and product characteristics
•    Using the QFD process planning matrix
•    The control plan as a living document
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