InfinityQS SPC Software Training - 24 Hour Course


InfinityQS SPC Software Training  - 24 Hour Course


To provide a training course designed to allow key members of the company to understand and implement SPC techniques in the workplace using InfinityQS SPC Software.  The course focuses on company specific processes, and is designed for Managers, Engineers, Supervisors, Lead People, etc.  Infinity users will gain proficiency in the basic use of InfinityQS SPC software. A Certificate of Completion is awarded to each participant completing the course.  

As a result of the training you will understand:

  • Project layout – Menus, Ribbons, and basic functions
  • The unique Database format: Part – Process – Test
  • Data Entry Configuration 
  • How to enter data into various projects 
  • How to navigate within InfinityQS
  • How to maximize use of Tool bar buttons 
  • How to add Notes to your charts
  • Alarm Notification Rules and Warning Messages
  • Adding Assignable Causes and Corrective Actions
  • Understanding and interpreting Control Charts and Capability Studies in InfinityQS
  • How to create Basic Reports

Course Outline  


Day One

  • Basic InfinityQS SPC Navigation
  • Opening projects
  • Configuring charts
  • Adding subgroups and responding to alarms

  • Creating Projects
  • Linking to a database
  • Data entry configuration
  • Special data entry options
  • Creating charts

  • Database Navigation
  • Opening existing databases
  • Adding and editing database items
  • Mapping out InfinityQS’ database structure
  • Creating new databases
  • Structuring database tables

  • Utilizing InfinityQS Tools to Address Alarms/Events
  • Assignable cause & corrective action codes
  • Process events reports
  • Pareto charting for events

Day 2 

Day 3


Creating the SPC Monitor and Cpk Reports

Securing a Database
Defining security levels
Assigning employees to security levels

Developing Database Structures

Securing a Database
Develop basic structures based on participants’ examples
Do’s and don’ts of structuring an InfinityQS database

Use of Lot Data Entry
Acceptance sampling
Lot and component lot data entry
Lot status
Lot reporting

Using InfinityQS Projects as a Navigational Tool

Corporate Hierarchy

SPC Scheduler