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Certified Quality Engineer Exam Review Course

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Presented by: Joe DeSimone, CSSBB, CQM, CQE, and CRE

Joe DeSimone has been conducting this course and successfully passing over 3,000 CQE’s since 1989.  Every year, Joe offers this course and invites Quality professionals from California, Arizona, Nebraska, Arkansas, Mexico, China and India.  Don’t miss the opportunity to prepare for and pass the next CQE exam.

The ASQ CQE certification is worth its weight in gold!  Internationally accepted and preferred, the CQE certification is not easy to get, but is well worth having.  If you take this review course, map out a regular study plan of 4 to 8 hours per week and study you will pass the CQE Exam!

The exam itself is 5 hours, and 160 multiple-choice questions
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DeSimone Quality International has developed the CQE review course as a method of honing your knowledge and skills as well as preparing you to take and pass the CQE exam.

The method of instruction will be to present in class, a detailed coverage of each of the areas in the BOK, followed by a discussion and review of exam type questions.  The instructor will make every effort to tailor the instruction so that it relates to the actual exam, as well as how the material is applied to the work place.  Each class session will also allow time for Subliminal Learning, followed by retention checks to solidify mastery of the CQE BOK


Bring CQE Primer to all sessions:  
CQE Primer (2006) by Quality Council of Indiana (800-660-4215)

Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) Review Course

Cost: $475
Where:  TBD
Course Schedule
: (5 Sessions of 7 Hour Classes) 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Class # 1     Introduction to the CQE, Test Basics, CQE Study Plan, CQE BOK
                 Chapter 1    Certification Overview
Class # 2     Quality Systems Development, Implementation, Verification
                 Chapter 2    Management and Leadership in Quality Engineering
                 Chapter 3     Quality Systems

Class # 3     Planning, Controlling, and Assuring Product and Process Quality, Reliability and Risk Management
                 Chapter 4     Product & Process Design
                 Chapter 5     Product & Process Control Tools
                 Chapter 6     Testing & Measurement
                 Chapter 7     Quality & Management Tools

Class # 4     Problem Solving and Improvement Questions
                 Chapter 8     Improvement Techniques
                 Chapter 9     Basic Statistics

Class # 5     Quantitative Methods and Final Review
                 Chapter 10     Statistical Applications
                 Chapter 11     Advanced Statistics
CERTIFICATES: A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to each candidate successfully completing this course with no more than one absence.

Materials Needed:
CQE Primer - Order from ASQ or QCI (800) 660 - 4215
1” three ring binder    
Highlighter Pen                                     
TI – 30XA (Calculator Bring to every session)
Computer (for study only – don’t need to bring to class)

Materials Provided:  Evolutionary Course Notes, written by Joe DeSimone (Notes are admissible into the exam) CDROM with Spreadsheets, Practice Questions and Practice Exams


Mail this portion to: 

DeSimone Quality International
2129 W Paseo Del Mar
San Pedro,  CA  90732

$475 per person (Checks made payable to DeSimone Quality International – VISA / MC /AMEX)

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