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Certified Quality Auditor Exam Preparation Course

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Who Should Attend:  Candidates desiring certification as Certified Quality Auditor
What You’ll Learn:  This is a review course to prepare for the CQA examination.  The topics in each part of the Body of Knowledge for the CQA examination will be reviewed.  Candidates will practice test taking on exam-type questions.  The national passing rate for the CQA exam is 51.6%.  The typical passing rate for candidates who have completed this course is 85% or better !  The course will provide you with the following:

•    Review of the Body of Knowledge to be covered in the CQA exam.
•    A system for your self study efforts
•    Practice with realistic, current exam-type questions
•    Test taking strategies  

Topics to be Covered:
CQA Introduction, Test basics, Application process, General Knowledge, Conduct, Ethics, Audit Administration, Intro to Quality Auditing, Audit Purpose, Goals, Benefits, Types of Audits, Audit Types, When and Why to Audit, Auditing Organizations, Staffing and Training and Audit Function, Auditor Relationships and Responsibilities, Audit Planning and Implementing, Tools, Audit Check Points, Audit Sampling, Costs of Audits, Planning internal or Supplier Audits, Auditor Performance, Audit Standards, Performing the Audit, Final Meeting, Audit Reporting, Classifying Non-conformances, Acceptability, Closing the Audit, Corrective Action, Follow-up and Closure, Auditing Tools and Techniques and Review of Practice Examination

Course Activities
        Practice Questions
        Auditing Case Studies
        Videos on Auditing / Case Studies
        Data Analysis Exercises

Quote from former CQA Course participant:  “If there is such thing as a shortcut to pass any of the ASQ exams – it’s definitely taking DE’s Review Classes”  I have the CQA, CQE and CRE – and I passed each one because I took DE’s class”  Fernando Ramirez

Student Must Purchase:  CQA Primer from ASQ or QCI (800-660-4215)
Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) Review Course
Where:  TBD

Course Schedule: (5 Sessions of 6 Hour Classes) 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 PM

Class # 1      CQA Introduction, Test Basics, Application Process, General Auditing

                        Section I            Certification Overview

Section II           Auditing Fundamentals

Class # 2          Section III           Auditor Competencies

Section IV           Audit Preparation       

Class # 3 Section V   Audit Performance

Section VI           Audit Reporting 

Class # 4          Section VII          Audit Follow-up & Closure

Section VIII         Audit Business Applications 

Class # 5            Section IX            Quality Tools and Techniques

Final Review Practice Exam


CERTIFICATES: A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to each candidate successfully completing this course with no more than two absences.

Materials Needed:
CQA Primer - Order from QCI (800) 660 - 4215
1” three ring binder    
Highlighter Pen                                     

Materials Provided:  Evolutionary Course Notes, written by Joe DeSimone (Notes are admissible into the exam) Practice Questions and Practice Exams


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$450 per person (Checks made payable to DeSimone Quality International – VISA/MC/AMEX)

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