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Certified Reliability Engineer Exam Review Course

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Presented by: Joe DeSimone, CSSBB, CQM, CQE, and CRE

The purpose of this course is to help candidates prepare themselves for the Certified Reliability Engineer examination offered by the American Society for Quality.  The examination is intended to test a candidate’s knowledge of all of the areas of information used by the modern day Reliability Engineer in his/her profession.

The exam itself is 4 hours, and 150 multiple-choice and Case study questions. The Body of Knowledge consists of eight main areas:

I. Reliability Management (19 questions)
II. Probability and Statistics for Reliability (25 questions)
III. Reliability in Design and Development (25 questions)
IV. Reliability Modeling and Predictions (23 questions)
V. Reliability Testing (23 questions)
VI. Maintainability and Availability (17 questions)
VII. Data Collection and Use (18 questions)

This class cannot teach a candidate the entire Body of Knowledge required to be a Quality Engineer in one session.  It will, however, do three things for the candidate:

1.    Provide an overview of the entire field of Quality Assurance / Reliability Engineering and thereby refresh the candidate’s knowledge of the field.

2.    Identify new areas in which the candidate may wish to increase his/her knowledge.

3.    Provide direction for self-study and practical insights to coping with the exam.

The method of instruction will be to present in class, a detailed coverage of each of the areas in the BOK, followed by a discussion and review of exam type questions. The instructor will make every effort to tailor the instruction so that it relates to the actual exam and provide feedback from previous candidates who have taken the exam to help prepare each candidate.  

Also, the candidate should not expect to pass the exam just by passively attending this class.  Experience has indicated that a significant amount of out-of-class review is not only desirable but also necessary (a minimum of 10 hours per week).  

Cost: $475
Where:  Location to be Determined

CERTIFICATES: A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to each candidate successfully completing this course with no more than one absence.

Materials Needed:
CRE Primer - Order from ASQ or QCI (800) 660 - 4215
2” three-ring binder with tabs.
Highliter pen
Note paper (pen, pencil also)
Access to a personal computer during the week.
Statistical Calculator like the TI-30 (single variable, with simple statistical functions including the following:   
   ample standard deviationaverage
   natural log
   sq. root
   other basic functions (see page 2 of application booklet)

Materials Provided:  Evolutionary Course Notes, written by Joe DeSimone (Notes are admissible into the exam) CDROM with Spreadsheets, Practice Questions and Practice Exams


Bring CRE Primer to all sessions:  
CQE Primer by Quality Council of Indiana (800-660-4215)


Mail this portion to: 

DeSimone Quality International
2129 W Paseo Del Mar
San Pedro,  CA  90732

$475 per person (Checks made payable to DeSimone Quality International – VISA / MC /AMEX)

Please provide information:
Name: _____________________________   Company:  ________________________

Job Title: ___________________________    E-mail:___________________________

Address: ___________________________________ Daytime Phone: ______________

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